P.U.M.P. Ministries, Inc. is focused on providing support for missionaries and pastors as they work to spread the word of Jesus.  Recently, through God's blessing, doors have been opened for P.U.M.P. to grow and take on new challenges.  Please explore what P.U.M.P. is doing to see how you can get involved.

Foreign Missions

Richard sarted to travel independnetly around the world in 1991.  Using his travel experience and his heart to helpl pastors and missionaries, P.U.M.P. Ministries was offically started in 1997.  Since then, P.U.M.P. has worked with and assisted pastors in more than 30 countries.

The Tammy Weagraff Orphanage & Academy

The T.W.O.A., located in Kisii, Kenya, was started in 2011 as a direct response to children in need.  The home is a refuge for children who have lost parents to the AIDS epidemic.  Due to the lack of government support, these children are left without homes and without a source of education.

New Life Bible College

P.U.M.P. Ministries' goal is to help, teach, and equip people for ministry.  In the face of stress and burn-0ut that comes with life in the ministry, we want to provide support for pastors and missionaries to ensure that the Message will continue be spread around the world.  In order to provide this assistance, the New Life Bible College was started in 2011 in Kisii, Kenya.

Stateside Missions

P.U.M.P. Ministries has been blessed to minister throughout the world.  However, there is still a great need and work to be done at home.  Therefore, Richard travels throughout the United States to provide encouragement for servants of Christ and to raise support for P.U.M.P. Ministries.